The Washington State Wine ADVOCATE Reviews “THE ADVOCATE”

Definition Of An Advocate

ad-vo-cate (noun) a person who supports or publicly recommends a particular cause, policy or product

I Am An Advocate Of Washingto State Wine #CaptainWashington

Everyday for the last 15 years I have been either in a Restaurant or Wine Bar or Retail Shop Committing my Life to Not Just the preaching the Message of Wine to Consumers but with A Special interest in a place I have never been too but strongly believe in, Washington State. I believe in the quality to price ratio at I actually believes no one in the WORLD produces wines like this state or has the perfect climate especially for Reds like the Evergreen State. 

Browne Family Vineyards Pays Tribute To Us Advocates

The Advocate\

Sorry for the PHONE SNAPSHOT but this wine is not available at the Winery or will you find info on line… This is The Browne Family which is part of Precept Wines and this is the best I can do to get any info on the specs of this wine.  We just got it in at ABC Fine Wines And Spirits in Florida and it is yet another Direct To You Product exclusive to us in Florida but when this Advocate of Washington sees Columbia Valley on the label, I had to due the research and review. Inspired by the greatness of one man— owner, Andrew Browne’s Grandfather, William Bitner Browne—integrity and excellence are the standards upon which Browne wines are created. As a curator of the brightest talent, best vineyards and the divining rod of winning concepts at Precept Wine, where Andrew serves as its CEO, his groundbreaking feats across the wine industry carry through to his own family legacy in wine, Browne Family. This is premium Washington wine, made with the utmost quality and enjoyment in mind. This family Winery was 15 years in the making before their first released vintage.  

First I would like to say I am not the Biggest Advocate of 2013 and or 2014’s So Far. I have no idea what my colleagues are complaining about these years saying they are all Tannic with no Fruit or Structure?? They both had very hot years during Summer and Harvest and just the opposite for me… Very RIPE almost OVERRIPE Fruit with NO TANNINS. On the positive side I have been converting so many Napa Big Name Label Consumers to wines from Washington 2013 and 2014 cause these are  way LESS Overripe Fruit than 90% of those wines and are 1/3 the price. 

The Wine Review

The 2014 Browne Family The Advocate Red Blend is currently $19.99 from a very hot year as mentioned above like 2013. Winemaker is John Freeman. It is 100% from great vineyards in Columbia Valley AVA 1- The Benches, 2- Alder Ridge, and Willow Creek. This Vintage is comprised of 40% each of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot with 12% Syrah and 8% Malbec. (This seems to be what all Washington Cabs And Merlot winemakers are doing not just RED BLENDS in 2013 and 2014 is adding Malbec and Syrah to Balance out the Ripe Fruit) Aging took place in French Oak for 24 months and 30% New Oak. 

Tasting Notes

Advocate Bottle Shot

I always remind you that all wines I review for this blog are opened 2 hours in advance and chilled down to 68% Temperature. The color on this wine was very Dark Ruby with Purple Hues and a very dark black center. Nice legs for only 13.8% ABV which I  appreciate the lower alcohol on Hot Years but that’s from the 2 years in Oak. On the nose, it was a cross between berry pie, or fruit compote blended with the scents coming out of my grandma’s kitchen baking Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. I don’t know what baking spices they use in Oatmeal Cookies (My last name is Baker but I can’t BAKE) but they were there. On the Palate, Juicy, Medium Weight and lots of bright blue and red berry fruit and The SAVING GRACE that made me score this wine higher than others from these hot vintages was I got That Very Dark Cocoa Powder Dusty Fine Grained Tannin Finish with a hint of Tobacco and Vanilla Bean. All Washington State Wines had that signature finish for years but this I haven’t picked it up in awhile. All in all it was very easy to drink and very easy to withdraw someone off of California and Introduce them to a Washington State Wine. If I had to attach a number to it I would go 87+ Points and a definite recommendation for many of my guests looking for easy drinking, soft reds for an affordable price. Nice job John Freeman 


Advocate Dark Cocoa

There is nothing healthier or higher in Resveratrol than the classic combo of 90% Dark Dark Bitter Chocolate and Red Wine. The Cocoa in the Chocolate pulled out the Cocoa in the Wine and The Bitterness in the DARK 90% Bar was erased by the very Ripe Berry Fruit Compote Flavors of the Wine. It was a Marriage made in ……Not Heaven But Washington State…(Same Thing I hear if I ever visit the place) It’s wines like this and so much more that will always have me #CaptainWashington Be an Advocate of Washington State Wines.

Grape-fully yours, Larry 


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