Don’t Get Emotionally Attached To Your Wines! Drink Them!

So many Wine Enthusiasts or especially Wine Collectors who have a large Cellar or Storage Unit, I do as well. Many I find however, have a stockpile of wines that they purchased to so call “Lay Down” and hold on to for years and years and years. Usually a Wine Collector will be on Mailing Lists where they automatically receive bottles or allocations all year long and will buy multiple bottles of the same vintage of the same wine…which is smart. I do this myself with my small collection. My worry is that so many of these people ( I am certainly not one of them) will keep adding to the Collection and are afraid to open wines that are 10-20 years old or even 1 year old as they will think they should Hold On To Them. That might be good advice if anyone of us had a Guarantee that we would still be around when those wines are so called “Ready To Drink”. I am not in any way saying delete your entire collection whether it is 40 bottles or 4,000 bottles but wines are not trophies. It’s great if you have these wines in your Wine Fridge or Wine Cellars but the best part is to, As ABC Fine Wines And Spirits where I work Recommends “Always Be Celebrating” Drink Them. You can always replace Wine and buy more but you can’t replace you. So next time you decide to open up a bottle, pick out one of your favorites and drink it now. Wines age and so do we… Don’t Get Emotionally Attached to any Wine or Any Vintage…Bottoms Up!! 

Grape-fully yours, Larry 

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