Rosés: Can Too Much Of A Good Thing Be A Bad Thing?

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Sadly, for 25 years no one listened to us Sommeliers or Retailers about Rose Wine being DRY not Sweet like Blush.  On Social Media the hashtag #Roseallday and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have turned most Wine Lists and Offerings at a Wine Retailer into a SEA Full of Options. Is too much of a good thing overwhelming you now? Anytime there is any kind of Trend… when the smoke clears only a few will still survive the the BIG WAVE.  I tried to Narrow it down the best I could so if you are seeking some Rose Wine you have some very high quality affordable and more Importantly UNIQUE  Roses (even the Real Housewives wouldn’t know about these options) and PLEASE don’t follow that theory that Rose is for Spring And Summer. They are the most food friendly and versatile category of Wines that should be drank ALL YEAR long especially ..for Thanksgiving Day. Nothing pairs better with Turkey and All The Trimmings than a solid Dry Rose.. 

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Grape-fully yours, Larry 

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