Everyday Wine…At Everyday Prices!

  Consumers of wine will sometimes turn down assistance from a sommelier or wine specialist because they don’t want to bother you for an “Everyday Wine” which to them means $9.99 or under and they believe their only options are for generic supermarket brands that are large production wines. They couldn’t be further from the […]

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National Rose Day June 10, 2017

I don’t know what happened to American Wine Consumers but I am not complaining. Somehow when I blinked, Dry Roses are now the hottest craze in Wine when I couldn’t sell a bottle one year ago. Thank goodness because they are my favorite category of wine. As the video says, you can make a Rose […]

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Champagne Versus Sparkling Wines!

Everyone calls a wine they can “Pop The Cork” and has bubbles in in it, Champagne. This will explain in simple terms the difference between Champagne and Sparkling Wine. Remember to hit the Follow Button and enter your email so that will entitle you to my cell phone number and FREE service 24/7 of contacting […]

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