Everyday Wine…At Everyday Prices!


Consumers of wine will sometimes turn down assistance from a sommelier or wine specialist because they don’t want to bother you for an “Everyday Wine” which to them means $9.99 or under and they believe their only options are for generic supermarket brands that are large production wines. They couldn’t be further from the truth. The “Everyday Wine”consumer is the consumer that should ask for assistance more so than the high end consumer because we can introduce them to wines from all over the world in that “Everyday Wine” price point that drink like $25-$35 bottles. You  are not just limited to the generic stuff. I give you just a few examples in this video but there are over 100 more. You just need some guidance to point them out. I am here to serve you in the store or via any form of contact.

Grape-fully yours, Larry


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