Everyday Wine…At Everyday Prices!

  Consumers of wine will sometimes turn down assistance from a sommelier or wine specialist because they don’t want to bother you for an “Everyday Wine” which to them means $9.99 or under and they believe their only options are for generic supermarket brands that are large production wines. They couldn’t be further from the […]

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Wines For The Year Of The Pig!

    Happy Belated Chinese New Year. This year is “The Year Of The Pig”! Besides Chinese food, I think the basis of almost every Asian Cuisine is Pork. Whether Dim Sum, Pho, Thai, Japanese Ramen it all comes down to the Pig. Since there can be so many different preparations, from BBQ Pork Buns, […]

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The Evidence is In On Zin!!

“My friend Sheila told me I had to try Menage a Trois”. “I really don’t like Red Wines but I love Apothic Red”. “Do you have Cupcake Red Velvet?” These are phrases that every wine retailer in America hears on average 50 times per day. So many white wine drinkers are trying to make the […]

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