Don’t Say The “S” Word !!!


The poor communication between Sommelier and Customer as to what style of wine they really want has been an age old dilemma. Many people want a Red or White Wine that isn’t big and tannic and is just soft, and silky and fruity. They Mistakenly ask for a wine that has a HINT of “SWEETNESS”. Let’s clear the air once and for all. Unless you want a Moscato Or Port or any form of Dessert Wine… take the SWEET Word out of your vocabulary. Instead say, soft, fruity, no tannins or bitterness….and I give you some suggestions here. If you want Moscato and that’s fine, be very very clear that this is not a Fruity Wine. It is Sugary Sweet. So practice over and over so Sommeliers can make the proper recommendation for you! If you want a wine that is just easy drinking without that harsh  tannic style. Remember however, Don’t say the “S” Word

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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