National Rose Day June 10, 2017

I don’t know what happened to American Wine Consumers but I am not complaining. Somehow when I blinked, Dry Roses are now the hottest craze in Wine when I couldn’t sell a bottle one year ago. Thank goodness because they are my favorite category of wine. As the video says, you can make a Rose or in Italian Rosato out of any Red Skinned Wine Grape. This was a rare one (Rose of Syrah and Malbec aged 6 months in OAK )to help kick off “National Rose Day” June 10th, 2017. At ABC Fine Wine and Spirits we have at least 30 Roses from all over the world. Remember at A=B=C “Always Be Celebrating, you can stop in and ask your Wine And Spirits Specialist or if you live in Florida, Sign up for SHIPT or Instacart for home delivery (you can always text me for a recommendation if you are a BLOG Follower as part of my FREE service) or visit their website at and shop online. HAPPY NATIONAL ROSE DAY. Grape-fully yours, Larry 

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