It’s Not A “BLEND” It’s A “HYBRID” Grape


Even though I will say it here and in the video, people will still call this wine a “RED BLEND” . It is not. Like Cabernet Sauvignon was a “HYBRID” Grape by crossing the seeds of Cabernet Franc with Sauvignon Blanc to form a New Grape Cabernet Sauvignon. PINOTAGE  (The Grape Of South Africa Mostly) was a “HYBRID” Grape. They crossed “Pinot Noir” with “Cinsault” (Sin-So) to form the New Grape “Pinotage”  There is either awful Pinotage or really good ones. There is nothing in between. This one… “The Painted Wolf, The Den 2014” Is sold exclusively in Florida at ABC Fine Wine and Spirits or online at Come see me starting Tuesday and have a taste or anywhere in Florida ask your ABC Wine And Spirits Specialist for this Wine. Outside of Florida I am sure you can locate this $11.99 bottle of wine and I highly recommend you do. This is one of the Really Good Ones. 

Grape-fully yours, Larry 


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