A Merlot That Tastes Like A Merlot!

Sud De France


Sud De France basically is re-imaging of the South Of France mainly in the Languedoc-Roussillon area along the Mediterranean that many people thought of as table wine.

Taking part in a race towards global excellence, the winemakers in Languedoc-Roussillon grow sparkling wines, sweet wines, red wines, white wines, and a range of rosé wines… Unique wines with Mediterranean colors and aromas which are becoming increasingly sought after. Both in France and overseas. The Greeks were planting vines there back to the 5th Century B.C. and then came the Romans. The French got involved around the 19th Century but again these wines labeled “Vin De Pays ” (Wine of the Country Or Table Wine) Sud De France now has given notoriety to these wines and some of the great producers of Rose, Whites, Reds, Sparkling.

2017 Bleu De Mer (Blue Sea) Rouge

bleu front

bleu rear

Another great Bernard Magrez production!!. This man is becoming a household name to wine lovers around the world. Despite his great Grand Cru Classe properties in Bordeaux like Chateau Pape-Clement and properties in Spain, Argentina, Japan, Uruguay, I think for the best quality to price ratio are his wines from Languedoc and are all great values. Bleu De Mer is his line of wines paying tribute to the beautiful Blue waters of the Mediterranean  Sea. This line has a great Rose made with the usual suspects and the 2017 Rouge is a new item. It is comprised of 100% Merlot…NO MANIPULATION… Just Fermented in Stainless Steel Tanks and Aged in Stainless Steel Tanks..No Oak Influences just straight forward Merlot with aromas and flavors of the SUD DE FRANCE.

My Review

bleu glass

I am not one to buy into imaging or marketing but this Sud De France imaging really fits. This red wine brings to mind all the senses of  sights, smells, and flavors of the South Of France and the Mediterranean. This wine is an impressive pitch dark ruby almost black in the glass. The soils is Clay and Limestone. With 14% ABV a nice medium plus frame. Aromas after an hour of breathing, of straight forward bright red fruits, such as Plums, Raspberries, Cherry, along with Twizzlers or Red Licorice throughout, all the Herbs De Provence, and a hint of spice with solid tannin grip on a nice long finish. Its been years since I have tasted straight up Old World Merlot like this. I literally am gravitating towards disliking Oak whether it be, American, Hungarian, French, Greek  New Or Used. Any kind of Oak adds sometimes pleasurable nuances to a wine and more times than not I wish those nuances weren’t there. This 100% Merlot tastes like actual Merlot with limited interference. Grape Varietal + Terroir +QPR for $12.99 = My Kind Of Wine.  I will score this everyday sipper 88 out of 100 points. This should be your daily Red Wine with dinner or without.

My Summary

I  am sure just like me, many of my readers have drank some really great Merlots in all different price ranges. I love the way Washington State utilizes this grape. It’s nice once in awhile for $12.99 to drink a bare to the bones Merlot that has all the flavors and aromas and nuances of the Grape and you can literally taste and smell the Terroir. A no brainer for this price point. Finally  a Merlot that tastes like Merlot.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

Bernard Magrez Is Da Man!

bleu bernard





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