Franciacorta! The SECRET Of The Sparkling Wine World!


I am elated that 1- This item is back in stock at all our ABC Fine Wine Locations in Florida and 2- I can share this SECRET with you for when you are like me and have CHAMPAGNE TASTES but a SPARKLING WINE BUDGET. Franciacorta is your answer. 

They Age This Like ChampagneFranciacorta in the cellar

1996 Franciacorta aging in the cellar like a FINE CHAMPAGNE

Lombardia In North Central Italy

Here’s where this great alternative to Champagne is produced in Italy. 

Franciacorta Map

$21.99 For Brut Or Brut Rose!!

Contadi Rose

Grape-fully yours, Larry … (It’s OK if you share this SECRET with all your Friends and Family and Co Workers)

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