Merlot Gets A Bad Rap!!

I hear it everyday 20-50 times from guests. I Don’t LIKE MERLOT. Ask them what their favorite wine is and they say Petrus from Pomerol. FYI… 100% Merlot. Ever since the movie Sideways, the Pinot Noir Industry Spiked and Merlot Tanked. Washington State Merlot when tasted blind, is never guess by the customer as being a Merlot. Most Wine Enthusiasts think Merlot is Fruity, Tutti and it’s Not. Stop by an ABC Fine Wine And Spirits in Florida and ask your Wine And Spirits Specialist for this Bottle of Merlot from Bergevin Lane from Washington State. Then tell me You don’t like Merlot. Order online in Florida at or contact the winery and order a few bottles or a case. All We are saying….is give Merlot another Chance especially from Washington State. 

Wild Child

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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