Closer To Italy, Owned By France? Of CORSE of CORSE!!


That little blip of an Island to my 57 year old eyes looks a lot closer to the country of Italy and very close to the Italian Island of Sardinia and yet CORSICA is a French Island?? I just report the facts folks!! I have had some killer Pinot Grigios from Corsica but the native grapes of the island make red wines and one heck of a Rose.

Is This French, Chinese, Italian ???


NIELLUCCIO ..let’s give it a go (KNEE-ELL-OOOH–CHIOH) , a sibling to the Italian grape Sangiovese, and SCIACCARELLO (SEE–ACHAR-ELLOW) are the main native grapes. When used to make a Rose wine, it is an animal all of it’s own like I have never tasted before and NOT for everyone’s palate. 

2016 Domaine Vetricce “CORSE” Rose


The 2016 I Purchased for $12.99 at ABC Fine Wine And Spirits in Florida is 50% Nieelluccio, 35% Sciaccarellu and 15% Grenache (About time there’s a grape most of us know how to pronounce) I poured it at about 45 degrees F and reviewed it over a 2 day period. 

Tasting Notes and Review

Very Light Salmon Pink with a streak of Orange on the color. This is all Estate Bottled Fruit with 12% Alcohol. So far this sounds like a Rose from Provence or South of France. Nose and palate…not even close. Sharply focused red berry and citrus fruit aromas, along with a suggestion of pungent crushed flowers. On the first sip as us CORK DORKS refer to as “THE ATTACK” (What is this a wine or Military Intervention??) The wine seemed almost LIGHT on it’s feet like lemon water. Once it hit my mid-palate…BOOM (Maybe that’s why they call it “The Attack”) Almost a sharp, bitter or sour Red Currant, With Pungent Pith Like Flavors of Blood Orange, Tart Berry and Grapefruit. It finished very very Dry, Taut And Spicy and left me salivating (Razor Sharp Acidity) and as if I just sucked on a lime wedge after doing a shot of Tequila. This is not A Fruit Bomb or silky smooth but I loved it and it was very inviting to want another sip especially while munching on some Peel And Eat Shrimp… No Lemon Or Cocktail Sauce needed with this wine.  

Suggested Food Pairings: Any Raw Or Lightly Cooked Fatty Fish as Salmon, Hamachi (Japanese Yellowtail), Scallops, Summer Salads such as Arugula and Grapefruit with some Shrimp or Shellfish of Your Choice. A Solid Crabcake wine too. It’s a WINNER but not for everyone’s taste. If you want the driest, high acid Rose I have tasted in years… this is your Rose at a bargain of $12.99

Remember if you follow me on this blog and leave your email, you get my cell phone number for free so you have access to any wine questions or recommendations you may have in all 50 states and Canada and Mexico 24/7 365. Stop by and see me at ABC Fine Wine And Spirits in Sunrise, Florida or check out this wine on line at I have seen this on the internet as well so this is an affordable Rose and will you love it???.. Of CORSE OF CORSE.

Grape-fully yours, Larry 


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