4th Of July “Sparklers”…Wine!!

Red White BlueA RED, A WHITE, And A BLUE…(FOIL…They Don’t Make Blue Wine..I tried). This is my way of celebrating July 4th. It is after all INDEPENDENCE DAY. We need to become less dependent on Sparklers or Sparkling Wine even from Champagne to be only used for New Year’s Eve or Birthday Celebrations. Whether you like, Dry, Semi Dry, Sweet, Or Fruity there are affordable SPARKLERS that go great for everyday or a long weekend like this. You can see Fireworks everyday not just on July 4th!.

Red Sparkler


Yes this is “RED” Sparkling wine and a great, fun, fruity wine for Backyard Barbecues. This is a SPUMANTE (More Bubbles like a Champagne in Italian than a Frizzante which is Fizzy like a Soda) Sangue Di Guida (SANG–WAY- DEE-JEW–DUH) The Blood Of Judas. This is made by the well known King of Sangue Di Guida and other Sparklers in Northern Italy, Fabiano Giorgi. Costarosa Sangue Di Guida is a great, quality substitute for SANGRIA or LAMBRUSCO. It is made with several Italian Varietals, such as, Barbera, Vespolina, Uva Rara, Croatina, Ughetta and this is all ESTATE BOTTLED from GIORGI’s own vineyards that I have had the pleasure of visiting. This is not a DRY wine. Flavors and Aromatics of Flowers and Red Berries, Such as Strawberry, Raspberry and very refreshing with BUBBLES to wash away heavy food like BBQ Ribs or FRIED Chicken or even great with Chocolate for Dessert. I personally think it is a match with a nice wedge of the King Of All Cheeses, Reggiano Parmigiano. The FRIZZANTE Costarosa is $13.99 and the SPUMANTE in the picture is $17.99


Haton Blanc

This is the real deal from Champagne in the town of DAMERY. I wanted to talk about a style of Champagne that is overlooked by Consumers and that is a BLANC DE BLANCS. (The White Juice of the White Grape Used in Most Champagnes or 100% Chardonnay). This is Jean Noel Haton the great grandson of Octave Haton who founded this family winery in the Champagne region of France in 1928. Champagne can be NV (NON VINTAGE or YEAR when the grapes were harvested) or in this case a VINTAGE Champagne. This is a 2009 Haton Blanc De Blancs. I like this style because they have more fruit and citrus more crispness and very food friendly because of the acidity of the Chardonnay Grape. Most Champagnes you drink are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay and sometimes a little Pinot Meunier. Blanc de Blancs are all Chardonnay. Wine Enthusiast gave this 2009 91 points. A wonderfully textured and fruity wine that comes from a vineyard in Damery on the slopes of the Montagne de Reims. It is steely with a chalky texture that marches with the fresh apple fruits and crisp acidity. Still young but is drinking perfectly right now. If you never had a Blanc De Blancs Champagne…Pick this one up!! With SEAFOOD..WOW!!

Blue (Well The Foil On The Bottle Is??)

Moutard Cuvee

This is the MOST Unique CHAMPAGNE you must try. Pay Attention here: (In case you dozed off) There are 6 AUTHORIZED   Grapes that can be used in Champagne

  1. Arbanne
  2. Pinot Blanc
  3. Petit Meslier
  4. Chardonnay
  5. Pinot Noir
  6. Pinot Meunier

99.999999% Of all Champagnes with a Vintage or Non Vintage use at best 4, 5 and 6 !! Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and sometimes some Pinot Meunier. No one uses the OTHER authorized grapes. This is Moutard Pere & Fils (Family Operation) Cuvee Des 6 Cepages.. Equal Parts of ALL 6 Authorized Grapes allowed in Champagne. This is the 2007 Vintage and it is $59.99 You can spend $200 or more on Famous Names but you will never taste a Champagne as good as this or at this price!! Wine Spectator gave the 2007 91 Points. Tasting Notes:Smoky, with roasted nut and charred brioche notes, this rich Champagne is balanced by juicy acidity and flavors of baked plum and cherry fruit, honey, graphite and spice that ride the soft, creamy finish. It’s beautiful. 

Are There Other Options Besides Champagne?

There are so many options, you can drink a SPARKLER everyday and still not try the many affordable variations in taste and styles and countries that produce Sparkling Wine. Sparkling Syrah From France $16.99, Proseccos for $10.99 and $14.99. CAVA from the Penedes Region Of Spain for $9.99 (Makes great Mimosas) American Sparkling wine, made in the Method of Champagne from New Mexico or eveen one from South Africa. Sparkling Malvasia, Brachetto for those with a sweet tooth. Celebrate your INDEPENDENCE from the old school way of thinking that BUBBLES or SPARKLERS are just for a major Celebration. At A B C our motto is “Always Be Celebrating” What better time for SPARKLERS than July 4th?? Check out our website in Florida and you can even order online and pick up at a Local ABC near you at http://www.abcfws.com or stop by and see me in Sunrise, Florida or contact me via the blog for any questions or recommendations. If you are local you can stop into any ABC and ask your Wine and Spirits Specialist for A Sparkler. I wish everyone a safe and happy July 4th filled with good friends, family and SPARKLERS as in WINE!!

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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