Book Author Says : When In Sardinia..Live To be 100!!

Doctor OZ Says So!!

If Dr. Oz says so then it must be True??? (I Think) This is a Direct Quote:

“”People of Sardinia who drink this wine are 10 times more likely to live to 100!!!. They have their first glass of wine about ten in the morning. Drink another glass of Cannonau Red Wine at lunch, another at happy hour and another at dinner.

Dan Buettner tells Dr Oz the best wine on the planet for longevity, “Cannonau Red Wine”. Cannonau wine has the highest count of polyphenols in the world. In his book, Blue Zones, Dan Buettner, in conjunction with National Geographic, determined that Cannonau wine does in fact play a role in the longevity of the Sardinian population. From this research and the known effects of flavonoids, it can be said that moderate wine consumption may increase life expectancy while also lowering stress levels.””

People of Sardinia drink very small glasses of this Cannonau wine, which in toll may add up to two glasses of wine in our Regular Sized Wine Glasses at the day’s end.

Where In Italy Is Sardinia (Sardegna)?

Sardninia Map

It is not on the Boot of Italy. It is the 2nd Largest Island in the Mediterranean. Lots of Clay Soil. Lots of Old School, Italian Farmers and Shepherds. They eat high fat, they are NOT Obese, They do not Exercise but their daily ritual of work on the farms is more than any Spinning Class or 5 k That you can participate in the States. The secret to their longevity is CANNONAU!! In Spain this is GARNACHA and in France Grenache. Leave it to Dr Oz ( If He is Right??) and the wonderful people of Italy to figure out we don’t need to be eating Kale Chips, or Chia Seeds or Hemp or Probiotics… as usual as us Sommelier’s always say…. “The Answer to Everything in Life is WINE”. After a hearty breakfast in Sardinia at 10am, the men gather for a glass of CANNONAU…CinCin!! For Lunch, Another Glass of CANNONAU….CinCin!! Happy Hour Time, Another Glass Of CANNONAU,,, CinCin, and with Dinner, one Last Glass Of CANNONAU.. CinCin!!.

Disclaimer.. These Are Dr Oz’s Findings And Not Meant As Any Medical Claims! 

Stress levels reduced, no crazy vitamins or herbal supplements or Kombucha…Just FOUR little 3 Ounce Glasses Of A Wine made from a Grape with the highest levels of POLYPHENOLS from the healthiest soil…And We can live to be 100 YEARS OLD…With Or Without Health Insurance!!

How Much For This Health Elixir??


$12.99 With or with no deductibles or co insurance at ABC Fine Wine And Spirits exclusively in the State of Florida at ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, you can purchase this Dr Oz TOUTED Elixir from Cantina Santa Maria La Palma. It’s another great selection from Florida Italian Wine Importer Nadia Galati and Alberello Imports. In Other States, Google the wine, I found availability. Sure beats the cost of Lipitor And Plavix and Anti Anxiety Meds. We All Hope These Researchers Are Right?? At least it Will Be Fun To Drink The Wine!! 

Tasting Notes

Santa MariaGarnacha from Spain Or Grenache From France usually smells like baked strawberries. Cannonau Di Sardegna La Bombarde, has aromas of Old World Clay, Some Wild Game and A Fresh Opened Box of Sun Maid Raisins. On the palate which is silky and the 2015 has 14.5 % ABV (NO HEAT), I get plums, cherry, raisin with sweet baking spices and a caramel or hints of butterscotch finish. You could pair this with any Red Sauce Dish, I think the soft tannic structure could handle seafood or even some spiciness, stews…just so versatile of a food wine I had it with Chinese Takeout and it was spot-on. Heck have it with a BIG MAC…  If all these reasearchers and Dr Oz are correct , this healthy $12.99 Holistic Wine will clean out your arteries anyway?? More than affordable for everyday wine. 

Remember to check out ABC where you can even order online in Florida at or come stop by and see me in Sunrise, Florida. If in Florida and not near me, stop in at one of your local ABC Fine Wine & Spirits locations and ask your Wine Specialist for this Le Bombarde Cannonau. Tell them  Dr Oz sent you!. Talk to you soon as it appears if Dr Oz and Other People Are Correct  I will be writing this blog and drinking Cannonau till I am at MINIMUM of 100 Years old!!  If this is all Poppycock.. At least, it is a Great Wine!!  CinCin!!

Grape-fully yours, Larry


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