A Super Tuscan At A Super Price!

The Moretti Family Suvereto

Zingari Winery

Petra is an ambitious project headed by father and daughter team Vittorio and Francesca Moretti. The Moretti’s are also the owners of renowned Franciacorta wineries Bellavista and Contadi Castaldi. The estate and winery are located in Suvereto within Maremma, Tuscany. The gravity flow winery was designed by celebrated Swiss architect Mario Botta. The property encompasses 300 hectares, whose vineyards and climate are influenced by the nearby Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s soils are comprised of Tufo (volcanic stone), and clay in the hilltops and calcerous alluvial in the lower sites. Attilio Scienza is in charge of the viticulture. Each vineyard site is farmed with total respect for sustainability. (Pretty cool architecture too)

2015 Petra Zingari, Super Tuscan

Zingari Front

The unique “Zingari” label features an artistic depiction of a spiral — a geometric form that evokes the evolution of a natural force. The Morettis see it as a symbol of the earth’s fertility — its giving nature that provided the fruit for a very special wine.

High Scoring Super Tuscan

Zingari Rating

James Suckling has been giving everything high ratings these days even Coca Cola but Wine Spectator scored it a 92. It is a wine that is always out of stock at ABC so when it does come back in, it usually flies off the shelves.

Grapes: Merlot, Sangiovese, Syrah, and Petit Verdot (25% Each)

A pleasant, fresh wine, ready to drink. It is the result of an experimental approach to the vineyard and vinification.  The vineyards that produce the grapes used in Zingari wines are located at the foot of the hills, partly in the village of Suvereto and partly in Riotorto. The soil is predominantly clay and sandy; for this reason a choice was made to ensure that the wine is known for its intense aromatics. It is THANK GOODNESS 100% Fermented and aged in Stainless Steel. Don’t get me wrong. I like Oak but my palate recently has really enjoyed just Concrete or Stainless Steel and let the grapes talk to me without any interference.  Let’s Review

My Review

Zingari Rear

I always worry about Super Tuscans. 25% each of 4 grapes and 3 of them are Bordeaux varietals and will it even taste like Italian Wine?. Will all those grapes bring something to the party? The wine has a gorgeous dark purple color with a tinge of brown from the soil and terroir. A slightly lighter pink on the fringe indicating it is a 2015. 14% Alcohol and you get a nice medium plus mouth feel without any OAK!. On the nose which took a solid hour to reveal itself, I got rose petals, dark chocolate, hints of lemon zest (I agree Mr Suckling) dark red fruits and notes of herbs. In order of the grapes listed on the bottle, the flavor profile comes out in the same order with every grape being able to be apparent in the blend. Dark Plum and Cassis From The Merlot followed by Morello slightly bitter Cherry and herbs from the Sangiovese, Purple colors and floral flavors and more Red berry fruit from the Petit Verdot finishing with Dark Chocolate, and Black Pepper Spice with chewy tannins and a pop of lip smacking fruit from the Syrah. This is extremely well polished and calls for anything from Bolognese, to Pizza to Grilled Meats and I wouldn’t be afraid to try with some Rich Fish dishes like Salmon or a Creamy Risotto. I won’t go as high as James with a 94 but since everywhere on the internet is selling this at $15-$19 per bottle and ABC has this on sale for $11.99, this vintage, maybe the best ever of Zingari is a 91 pointer from me out of 100. This is a wine you want to stock up on multiple bottles of because it covers many palates that will enjoy this Estate Bottled Non Oaked packed full of flavor Red Wine.

My Summary

I almost forgot about Zingari it has been so long since we had inventory. It might have changed importers. In any case this is one Super Tuscan where each grape plus the terroir brings something to the final product. Leave it open for 2 hours or age for a couple of years and those chewy tannins will soften up a bit. I really think this is a no brainer Super Tuscan and A Super Duper Price of $11.99

Grape-fully yours, Larry

Father And Daughter. The Morettis

Zingari Owners




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