Limited Cab Makes Limited Return To Sunrise, Florida!

Our Block Series wines are limited edition wines. When a famous winery has leftover juice on an exceptional year, they offer the wine to a retailer to make a private label wine. Normally, we don’t even know who the winery is that made the wine. In the case of Block 1029 Conner Lee Vineyard, Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon, we were so honored that legendary artisan Washington State winemaker Caleb Foster now working for J Bookwalter wines was making the wine for us, we allowed them to use their winery corks and promote their winery phone number and website. This was literally my favorite Block wine ever since my time with ABC Fine Wine and Spirits. The problem was..It was sold out almost 1.5 years ago. My guests still asked me for it wherever I was. I told them we needed to move on as it was totally out of stock and Block Wines don’t come back in stock.

Lo and behold a colleague let me know that one of our locations had a decent quantity leftover from over a year ago and I thought it was a prank!! It wasn’t and they immediately shipped 120 bottles to my location in Sunrise, Florida since I am Captain Washington. We have had the wine for 3 days and are averaging 16- 30 bottles per day. I don’t expect that we will have much left within 2 weeks maximum. Customers are calling on the phone and asking me to put bottles or a case aside. You can Order online if you are in the West Broward County area of Florida and Pick Up in Store by going to You can also use Instacart, Shipt or Drizly  and have it delivered from our Sunrise location if you live in the area. Better yet…hurry up and come to the store and get this unreal value made by a legendary winemaker before it is all gone. Take a reverse mortgage out and buy it all lol!!

Grape-fully yours, Larry



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