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Dusted Valley’s Second Label

In 2003, Wisconsin natives Chad Johnson and Corey Braunel left the comforts of their corporate jobs to move to Walla Walla and fulfill their dream of crafting world-class wine. Combining Washington State grapes with their rough and tumble know-how and a sizeable piece of their souls, the family created Dusted Valley and Boomtown.

Boomtown is crafted for all of those unafraid to step out and leave their comfort zones. Boomtown by Dusted Valley allows the family the opportunity to share a fantastic Dusted Valley wine with a larger audience. 20,000 Cases at a lower price from Washington scared me but I get that they are trying to reach more people by large production and offering value. Let’s take a look!

2017 Boomtown Syrah Columbia Valley WA

Boomtown Mcnary Vineyard

Above is the McNary Vineyard which is in a cooler Southeast Corner of Horse Heaven Hills AVA so in theory you would get a cooler growing season and a longer hang time and a softer, but old world meets new world red wine. That’s in Theory lol Boomtown red wines hail from McNary Vineyard. They also add 10-15% of the juice from their higher level Dusted Valley wines into the Boomtown Reds.

This wine is 96% Syrah with the addition of 4% Grenache. It is aged in French Oak with only 10% New to make a more approachable style for everyone.

Boomtown Front

Boomtown Rear

Last week I encouraged that if you don’t like Syrah try another one. I drink what I preach. I liked last week’s Syrah from Crozes-Hermitage in the Northern Rhone of France but deducted some points for too much usage of NEW French Oak. To me as Captain Washington, Syrah is Washington’s finest Red Grape Variety and better to my palate than anywhere in the world when it is done right. Let’s see if BOOMTOWN delivers that try to be everything to everyone flavor profile in my review. 14.2% ABV

My Review

Boomtown Bottle And Glass

This wine does need more than an hour at it’s young age to show any proper aromatics and flavor profile. The color was better than OLD WORLD Syrah. It was almost like pouring Dark Black/Purple Ink into the glass. When it opened I got strong aromas of Huckleberry, Blueberry Cobbler, Vanilla (Way too much) and Mocha. Sadly I also got caramelized burnt sugar… almost California Style may the Captain Of Washington dare to say?. I have read Sean Sullivan’s review from Wine Enthusiast who happens to 1- be married to a woman who works for one of Washington State’s Number One Seafood Chains so maybe not conflict of interest but he is overly kind to the state’s wines 2- He said “The Varietal would be NON MISTAKEN as Syrah!!” I strongly disagree as other reviewers did as well. In a blind tasting without much else but Blueberry and Mocha and Dark Mocha…yes I would guess Washington State because of the Dark Chocolate but would never be able to identify Syrah with the sweetness that it had and lack of Bacon Fat, Tar, Darker Black Fruits. I could have guessed 5 other Varietals before I got to Syrah. It finishes with very little tannin but a wine that really tastes so much better with any form of food like a burger, or bittersweet chocolate, or ribs…anything to cut down on the residual sugar in the wine. I think this is the perfect very entry level red wine for someone who never tried a Syrah. This will be their stepping stone to the Walla Walla Big Boys!!. It’s  wine that at $15.99 to $19.99 on the internet almost any red wine drinker will like over any California Wine at the same price. So with that said , that goes for Cab, Merlot, Any Red Blend from California and this will go over real big. I therefore have to score this wine in TWO WAYS. As a red wine at $15.99 and as a representative of entry level Washington State versus California, an 88 Point out of 100. Now as Captain Washington Who has drank and just returned from drinking the finest sources of Syrah on the planet especially down in Walla Walla A.V.A. including from the Oregon Side in ‘The Rocks District” where Syrah grapes sell for $6,000 per ton…. I have to score this an 84 out of 100 at best.

I normally never use phone apps used by anyone with a smartphone can review wines at no level of expertise, I did look up this wine on the famous phone app just to see what entry level wine consumers thought of this entry level Washington Wine and they agree with me.

Boomtown Vivino 1

Boomtown Vivino 2

I agree with the first app review who has rated over 835 wines and was more of an accurate assessment of this effort. It got better with air and a decent entry level Syrah that many consumers would enjoy

My Summary

I guess you really can’t be everything to everyone. Boomtown did achieve a wine at a fair price that is nationally distributed with 5,000 cases of just the Syrah and a nice By The Glass pour for many restaurants. If you are a Rhone Ranger like me and a 25 year Washington State Wine Expert, this still has a place in your home for everyday drinking. If you are  Washington State Syrah Snob like I can be too… for $25-$40, this is not going to cut it for you but you can always drink their higher level Dusted Valley Wines or try Bergevin Lane She Devil Syrah for $22.99. As long as it gets more  consumers to 1- Drink Washington and 2- Drink Syrah…  a big BOOM To Boomtown!!

Grape-fully yours, Larry

The Dusted Valley Family

Boomtown Family





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