Red Wine With Fish? Wine Not?


There are so many Wive’s Tales I hear from consumers and too many to speak about in one 9 minute Vlog. The one I hate the most is the misconception or false belief that White Wine is for Chicken And Fish and Red Wine For Meats. First of all, drink what you like. I am not judging. The whole idea of this video is to get rid of that myth by explaining it is not about the type of Protein, but more importantly the way it is Prepared!. Many species of fish by themselves are better pairings with Red Wine but certain preparations of even flaky white fish , pair better with Red Wine than White Wine. If you never had Wild Salmon with Oregon Pinot Noir, you are really missing out on one of the most perfect pairings I know of. Experiment on your own but focus on not the Fish or Chicken Or Red Meat but on how it is being prepared, when trying to match with the perfect wine.

Grape-fully yours, Larry



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