This Ruché (Roo-Kay) For Rookies

One Rare Italian Grape

Ruché (pronounced in English (Roo-kay) is a red  Grape variety from the Piedmont region. It is largely used in making Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato, a small production red varietal wine which was granted D.O.C status by presidential decree on October 22, 1987, and was granted the more prestigious Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita (DOCG) status in 2010. There is not many producers still making this ancient varietal which some argue is tied to the French and most agree it is indigenous to Piedmont. One of the major experts in producing this unique wine is Enrico Morando

Cantine Enrico Morando

Ruche Vineyards

The wine estate Vigneti e Cantine (Vineyards and Cellars) ENRICO MORANDO was founded at the beginning of the 20th century in a territory straddling the municipalities of Grana, Castagnole Monferrato and Montemagno in what was the Duchy of Monferrato, a land of great expectations and promises. Around the mid-1980s, the Morando family, owners of the wine estate, adopted a policy of ongoing expansion with the acquisition of adjacent land and the planting of new vineyards, predominantly Ruchè. Today the Vigneti e Cantine Enrico Morando winery consists of two different vineyards: the first in Castagnole Monferrato (Monferrato) of 130 hectares in a single lot, recognized for its production of the “Red Prince of Monferrato”, the indigenous Ruché and it is fair to say more than 60% of wines made from this Ruché grape are produced by Enrico Morando.

2016 Cantine Enrico Morando

Ruché di Caastgnole Moneferrato D.O.C.G

Ruche Front

Ruche Rear

The violet tinged black grape varietal adapts well to various soils but favors the indigenous calcareous (compacted calcium, clay, limestone and chalk) soils of the area to produce wines of more intense aromas and flavors. The maturation of this grape is earlier than most around Late September. This wine uses no oak and is fermented and aged for about 6 months in Stainless Steel Tanks and a few more months in the bottle. This is not Barolo but you can age this wine for 5-8 years. The only closest varietal with some similar characteristics  is Nebbiolo. Let’s taste and review.

My Review

Ruche Glass

First kudos to Italian Wine buyer for ABC, Paul Quaglini for adding this interesting and unique varietal to our sourced and certified Italian Wines from Piedmont. The alcohol is 14% and the color similar to a lighter Nebbiolo with a dark ruby/violet hue and that almost orange tinge on the rim. Medium bodied frame. After 1 hour of breathing and 20 minutes in the chiller, I picked up strong aromatics of Rose  Petals, Violets, Wild berries and Chocolate. On the palate this is not for the Napa Cab drinker and is Not HEAVY or as consumers say “Full Bodied” but a nice medium body mouthful of juicy, raspberries and black cherries with strong back note flavors of Fresh Apricot and a striking finish of bitter cherry, and an Orange Zest Tang, herbal components and delicate spice notes. A very long lasting finish especially that unique orange zest meets bitter cherry. I thought of Duck Breast, Mushroom Risotto, Maybe if not too many Sweet dishes , Thanksgiving, or some taleggio cheese from the area. I found this one of the most interesting and delicious Reds from Piedmont as I am so worn out of Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto etc and this brings complexity, history, flavor, and value. I will score this 91 out of 100 Points.

The Summary

If you are a Rookie to this grape as most are a Ruché  should be in your future. I literally can’t understand anyone who loves the wines of Piedmont not wanting to take this out for a test drive at a price of $14.99. Yes not $49.99 or more just $14.99 and a Sourced and Certified Exclusive in Florida at ABC Fine Wine and Spirits. I for certain am picking up more bottles of this. It is a definite quality to price ratio winner and if we had to get this very rare small production grape I am glad we have to offer one from the best producer in the area Enrico Morando.  Bello, Bello, Bello, Grazie

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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