Beaujolais..YES! Nouveau…NO!!


It’s almost time for the 3rd Thursday of November (This year November 15th) When the French will release the Beaujolais Nouveau and American Consumers will line up asking for it, with the very false belief that this is the wine you are supposed to drink with Thanksgiving Dinner. I love the area of Beaujolais. I love drinking Beaujolais but somewhere and somehow something got lost in the French To English Translation. Nouveau is not something that was ever or will ever be produced to actually drink. It is a Celebration for the French of the New Harvest that just finished. At 12:01 am in France there will be a huge celebration. I am not telling you not to buy Beaujolais and if you MUST have the Nouveau I am not going to convince you otherwise. I just want to educate you that Beaujolais Villages is one thing and Nouveau was never expected to be consumed by any human being. Watch the video and please don’t write to me asking me if the Nouveau was good THIS YEAR? It has never been good because that is not why they produce it.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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