What Is A “Good Wine” ???


Somms like me, whether in retail or restaurants have a tough order to fill in order to recommend the perfect wine for consumers, when their only criteria many give use is to recommend a “Good Wine”. What constitutes a “Good Wine”> I look at wine from 2 perspectives. One is from a technical aspect of the quality of the wine I am tasting and the vintage and price point. I also look at what customer can i recommend or not recommend a wine to. Now just because myself or any Sommlier or Reviewer says the wine is 95 points and amazing, what good does that do you if the wine that any of US like is the wine that you hate? Basically it comes down to …. A “Good Wine” is the wine that meets your, purpose of the wine such as a food pairing or as a gift. Your style of wines whether , Red, White, Rose, Sparkling, Dry, Semi Dry, Sweet, Bone Dry and of course within the budget you can afford. This video tries to help you get in touch with what is a “Good Wine” for you so WE can Help you by recommending a wine that may not be  “Good’ for us but “Good” For you. For example the best case scenario happens once in a blue moon and I would like it to happen everyday. Customer approaches me and instead of saying …Can you show me a “Good Wine” for $20 instead says :” Hi Larry. I am going to Barbecue Ribs today. Can you recommend a Wine that is no more than $15. I want red with no Dry Tannins with a silky, smooth texture with a lot of fruit. ” That is so much better than show me a Cabernet or a Merlot or just something “Good”. In less than 5 minutes, I will recommend the perfect  wine that I personally may not like at all but that meets the criteria of what the customer personally likes. When the customer likes that recommendation , despite of what I or Robert Parker or Wine Spectator says…That is is what constitutes a “GOOD WINE”

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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