Let Us Somms Help You!

  Especially at this time of year people are under stress when gift buying. It’s even more stressful because they leave the Wine Gifts for the holidays for the very last moment…Panic Mode. Secret Santas, The Boss, The In laws, Significant Others, Friends, Etc. I am GUILTY as charged myself and always feel bad when […]

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Traveling? Wines NOT To Bring Home

  So many Cork Dorks like me plan travel and vacations to areas that are famous for Wine Production such as  Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, California, Oregon, Washington State to name a few. Newbies get very excited as they should be, that many of the wineries they will get to tour and taste will […]

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Happy “ValenWine’s Day!

Please Note: At the time of this Video being shot, ABC had some sporadic issues with Burlesque Spumante Rose. The issue was not with the quality of the wine but the seals on some of the corks let some of the Carbon Dioxide out so it was slightly less Bubbly. The wine was sent back […]

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