Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute!


With the risk of sounding redundant, I can’t stress enough, my very strong advice when it comes to purchasing a wine or spirit for a Holiday Gift or even a Champagne for New Year’s Eve. You will feel lost, dazed and confused, rushing around to the malls, but when it comes to Wine Or Spirits with the intent to Please the person you are giving the gift to, you would be making a very big mistake to buy them the name of the brand of wine or spirits that you found out that is what they normally drink all the time. The ONLY Reason they are asking for those commercial brands and telling you that is their favorite ,is because that is what they have been exposed to in every single retail outlet or restaurant in the world. I understand that. I also am not asking anyone if someone tells you they drink a Popular brand of Napa Valley Cabernet to buy them a Pinot Noir from Chile. What I strongly am recommending during this season is to not buy the specific BRAND Name they asked you to buy. I urge you to still buy them the same category such as a Napa Valley Cabernet but buy them  in the same price range a producer that is unique, exclusive and that they couldn’t find by walking into just about anywhere that sells wine and spirits. At ABC Fine Wine and Spirits we have Wine and Spirits Specialists like myself, that have the knowledge to 1- take the stress away from you and 2- make this holiday season gift the most unique special gift that giftee has ever received because a Sourced and Certified Item is exclusive ONLY to ABC in the state of Florida. I can’t tell you how many guests this past Thanksgiving came to speak to me with a picture or a written down name of what the person told them to go and buy and took my advice and expertise and bought  a different exclusive brand for the person with my advice. So far the feedback was 100% Successful . I have people texting me or calling to tell me “You were right Larry. I gave this to my father or my sister or my husband and it made them cry. I usually just give them what they ask for and they say thank you but this year they were so overwhelmed with Joy because I listened to you and gave them something they never would buy for themselves and they felt loved due to the THOUGHT I put into the gift. If you have the mind frame that “This is a gift and this is what they asked for” I can 100% guarantee you if you go with that frame of mind it will not be as greatly appreciated as much if you let me or a Wine and Spirits Specialist recommend something in the same category of wine or spirit that is an unknown name. It  is the UNIQUE factor that makes it A GIFT!!! Most of all , don’t leave the Wine and Spirits for the LAST MINUTE. I hope I can assist you in making this the best holiday “GIFT” you have ever given to the wine lover in your life ever!!

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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