Wine Labels And Packaging Don’t Matter! It’s What’s Inside The Bottle That Counts!

It’s getting closer everyday and some early shoppers already have been asking my advice about Wines as a Gift for The Holidays. I know many people shopping for the gifts have no clue about wine and they are either attracted to a pretty label or how the winery packages the wine or even just a cute name of the wine. That, or they were told by someone else who has no clue about wine what they should go to the store and buy that will make a great GIFT in THEIR Opinion. I am here with earth shattering news!! As a certified sommelier and wine lover just as the person you are shopping for will be, we couldn’t care less how pretty the label is on the wine or the box it may come in or even if it has a label on it at all. A wine enthusiast cares about TWO THINGS…What’s inside the bottle and did you put in some thought into this gift by asking the assistance from a specialty store expert at any price point. People want to be shown that you care enough about them not just to walk into any  place that sells wine and get them a wine with a  pretty label or with their FIRST NAME on the Wine Label. They just want to feel you cared enough to seek out something even a $10 bottle that was recommended by a wine expert that they couldn’t find for themselves. Tis the season of giving. Men especially don’t even want any present gift wrapped especially wine or spirits. To us wine lovers it’s all about What’s INSIDE The Bottle And Your Thoughtfulness that Counts!

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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