Traveling? Wines NOT To Bring Home


So many Cork Dorks like me plan travel and vacations to areas that are famous for Wine Production such as  Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, California, Oregon, Washington State to name a few. Newbies get very excited as they should be, that many of the wineries they will get to tour and taste will be their favorite they purchase at home at Restaurants or Wine Retail Shops. Most of these famous wineries have a shop where you can purchase some of their wines or even have them shipped to your home. I am not speaking of Highly Allocated Mailing List Boutique hard to find wineries. Then it would make sense to sign up for their Wine Club and get a shipment once or twice a year of a wine you have no access to. As far as the Large Volume Brand Names that are available everywhere in the marketplace of your home, I explain why it is a BIG MISTAKE to purchase these wines and wrap them in towels and put in your checked baggage. I am traveling to France this week to wineries that all supply exclusive Sourced And Certified Wines in the State of Florida to us at ABC Fine Wines. I am excited to visit and see the people and the land behind these wines but why would I go through all the trouble of lugging these wines home in checked baggage when they are easily available to me when I get home? I’d rather, which I will, post lots of pictures and tell the stories about these wineries to you and others outside of this blog than to pack 10 bottles of the very same wines I can buy right in my hometown. I explain it a little better in the video above. I look forward within a week of being back at the end of July to telling you about my adventures in 4 different regions of France including Champagne. Au Revoir until next time.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

4 thoughts on “Traveling? Wines NOT To Bring Home

  1. Hi Larry:
    I just came back from the Basque Country in Spain and I have this amazing summer wine called Txakoli. Have you had this wine? I was wondering if I could get it here in South Florida. Thank you!

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