Let Us Somms Help You!


Especially at this time of year people are under stress when gift buying. It’s even more stressful because they leave the Wine Gifts for the holidays for the very last moment…Panic Mode. Secret Santas, The Boss, The In laws, Significant Others, Friends, Etc. I am GUILTY as charged myself and always feel bad when I say the words to a retail associate “Just Looking”, “I’m Good” , Just Browsing”. We all do it when asked if we need assistance even if we do. We all think everyone who asks us for help is in some way a used car salesperson and really doesn’t want to help us but rather sell us something. I get that as I said! I say it more frequently than I should “Just Looking”. This is code word for “Leave me alone” lol. Sommeliers I promise you are not in that category of the Insurance Salesperson or the person in a Jewelry store or fine clothing boutique. We don’t like working crazy hours and weekends and holidays. We do what we do because we not only have passion and expertise about Wine but we have the passion to help you for yourself or at this time of year and or help you find the perfect wine as a gift that will make a Wow Impression on the recipient. Many times our recommendations cost less money than the one you might have been told the recipient drinks (Only because that is what they have been exposed to for years). We don’t get rich !! We do get pleasure from the stressed out guest that doesn’t say “Just Looking” but allows us to assist them in finding the perfect gift that will show thought and will wow the recipient and get pleasure when most of all a guest says “Thank you so much for your knowledge and experience and the amazing experience. You have earned a customer because no other time have I entered a wine retailer and got someone so passionate and so helpful who loved what they do as much as you” I get that 95% of the times. Sometimes I even get Thank You Cards for that service I provide all year. That could be YOU next..but then again you could be the 5% that say “Just Looking” and that is just fine too but we really wish you would give us a chance to assist you. I promise I am not a used car salesperson.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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