Big Daddy Wines For …Daddy!

Just like anyone else you would buy a bottle of Wine for a “Gift”, I will always remind you of my opinion, NOT to buy the brand that the person you are presenting the GIFT to drinks all the time on their own. The concept I have is you may know the category such as Red Wine, Or Napa Valley, Or Cabernet Sauvignon so it is smart to stay within the personal parameters that you know the person who receives the GIFT likes. That I agree with. My theory which most of my guests eventually agree with, if for example your father loves Cabernet Sauvignon. Seek out that wine, but find one that he would never think of buying for himself or would have a difficult time sourcing it out. That’s why you come to a specialty shop or seek out advice from someone like me. You want to make your Father feel that you went out of your way to find that unique bottle that isn’t on shelves everywhere of the same category he likes, Italian, French, Napa Valley but it is the uniqueness and the thought you put into it, that makes it a True “GIFT” I have other suggestions if the ones in the video don’t work for your situation or budget. Reach out to me or come see me this week to find a Big Daddy Wine for your Daddy. Happy Father’s Day

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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