Who Are These People On Wine Apps?

Yes, I understand clearly that everyone has a different palate when it comes to wine or food. Yes, I understand that everyone in today’s world has a smartphone with various apps. Yes, I understand that the most important review of a wine is YOURS!. I also understand that a doctor has a better shot at diagnosing your issue after examining you in person, ordering some diagnostic tests and giving you a professional opinion and treatment options THAN YOU have of self diagnosis by searching on Google or Web MD. The same comes to wine or food. You may read wine or food magazines where many reviewers give different opinions on the same wine and same vintage than what you give the wine yourself. I also STRONGLY understand if you develop a relationship with a local wine retail shop associate or a restaurant sommelier who runs some “diagnostic” tests (discussing wines you have enjoyed in the past and maybe giving you samples of wine of different flavor profiles) they have a 99% better chance of making a wine recommendation that you will enjoy within your budget THAN 200,000 or more strangers of various countries and various walks of life will have, who never met you and you never met ON SMARTPHONE APPS that anyone in the world over 21 can give an opinion. Who are these people reviewing these wines??. They don’t know you. You don’t know them. It’s the doctor/ patient analogy all over again. Advice: DELETE THESE WINE REVIEW PHONE APPS! They are destroying the wine world!

Grape=fully yours, Larry

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