Is It RosĂ©? Is it Orange Wine? Is It Red Wine? No! It’s Pinot Gris/Grigio!

YES!! This Is Pinot Gris/Grigio Grapes!! Yes Pinot Grigio Drinkers! Pinot Gris first of all is the same grape variety that in Italian is pronounced Pinot Grigio. Secondly, Pinot Gris (Gray) Is a grayish colored RED SKINNED Grape. That white wine you order constantly  is made from the juice of a Red Skinned Grape! That […]

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Let’s Do BRUNCH!!

  It is the month of May and we have Mother’s Day then Memorial Day then Father’s Day and Bridal Showers, And Engagement Parties, And Tennis and Golf Clubs and Graduations and that means BRUNCH!. I get so many people from Spring thru Summer requesting Wines for a Brunch or Celebration Luncheon so I thought […]

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Italy Came To Australia.

Ciao Mates. Every month or so I have to do a review on one of our Direct To You Wines at ABC Fine Wine And Spirits in Florida, from Australia. The section in most retailers, not just ABC, looks more and more pitiful every time I look at it as most consumers sadly are only […]

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Carmenere Was Mistaken For Merlot??

History Of Carmenere CarmĂ©nère (“car-men-nair”) is a medium-bodied red wine that originated in Bordeaux, France and now grows almost only in Chile. The wine is treasured for its supple red-and-black berry flavors (in a similar style to Merlot) For years, all these French Wine experts were totally confused and they thought Chile was growing fantastic […]

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