Washington Bubbles To Start The Celebration!

Bubbles Not Just For Celebrations

I always say that sparkling wines or Champagne are usually thought by most average consumers to be Celebration Wines. I drink them all the time and so should you. They are one of the most food friendly category of wines. They pair with almost everything and almost every cheese as well. Since it is Washington State Wine Month All March and ABC Fine Wine And Spirits The A B C Stands for ALWAYS BE CELEBRATING, I wanted to review for you a Direct To You (Proprietary) Bubbly they carry from the Evergreen State to kick off the Month Of March and hopefully Kick off every month for the rest of your wine drinking lives.

Treveri Cellars

Treveri Grieb Family

Meet The Grieb Family. The guy in the middle is DA BUBBLES man of Washington State. Juergen Grieb (Owner and Winemaker) was born and raised in Trier, Germany, where he received his formal winemaking and sparkling winemaking degrees. After earning his formal degrees and finishing his apprenticeships in Germany, Juergen applied for a job at Langguth Winery in Washington State. He came to Washington State in 1982 and has been making quality Washington wine ever since. Juergen has accumulated more than 30 years of winemaking experience, making wines from every growing region in the state. He continues to craft premium wines at Treveri Cellars, which is Washington’s only sparkling wine house. Juergen’s passion and enthusiasm for sparkling wine is present in every bottle he produces, and like any good German, he lives to share his passion with everyone he meets. (He Sounds Like Me)

If It Is Good Enough

For The White House…


Treveri opened its doors on November 23, 2010 with a mission to put Washington sparkling wine on the map. Since its opening, Treveri wine has been served at White House State Department receptions and the James Beard Foundation in New York.

Producing a wide array of sparkling wines, including non-traditional varieties such as Riesling and Mueller-Thurgau, Treveri largely focuses on 100% varietal sparkling wines, and is also launching a reserve tier of sparkling wine.

Treveri Cellars Blanc De Blancs

Treveri Front

Treveri Rear

If you are deciding to visit them in Wapato… This isn’t Seattle from what I hear. As you know …Mr. “Captain Washington” has never ever been to the State where my favorite wines are produced (Is this Microphone On??) This is way out in Eastern Washington and it is a farming community so don’t expect big city Tourism here. To review what Methode Champenoise is (The Method Used In Champagne, France) this is a Sparkling Wine of course from Champagne, France (Sorry Washington Is not In France or The Champagne Region so it is a Sparkling Wine, despite what other labels from California might say on them) that goes through a Double Fermentation. After fermenting the wine once it is bottled and then more yeast is added to the actual bottle the wine is sold in and it goes through a secondary fermentation which is what creates your BUBBLES. This period of time is called TIRAGE. Some Bubbly wines like Prosecco are not made in this method they are made in the Charmat Method which is from the tank to the bottles with Carbon Dioxide added to create the sparkle. These are fun wines to drink but there is nothing to me that is like a Bubbly made in the Method Of Champagne.

My Review

Treveri Glass

This is the Treveri Blanc De Blancs (The White Juice of The White Grapes ) that are normally used in Champagne France such as Chardonnay and or Pinot Blanc. Since Treveri makes ONLY “SINGLE VARIETAL” Bubbles this one is 100% Chardonnay. As you can see it is made in “Methode Champenoise” and that “Tirage” period (Second Fermentation ) is 24 months or 2 years. You can almost tell by looking at the picture that those fine bubbles can never be created without this Classic Method. It’s got a classic Dom Perignon 2009 Nose of Graham Crackers or Oatmeal, Brioche Bread , Apples, Lemon. This is very lively and vibrant with really refined, soft textured bubbles, Granny Smith Apples, Lemon Curd and just a hint of Cantaloupe Melon on the finish which is really soft. This is artisan, handcrafted stuff. To be honest, I haven’t tasted any bubbles as elegant and enjoyable as this even from Champagne France at 10 times the price, as wonderful as Treveri. I am going all in on this one and giving it a 94 out of 100 points.


Usually I will make my recommendation at this point. I am going to let you, the consumer and my blog fans make your own recommendation on this one. I am telling you this is more enjoyable and elegant than any $150 bottle from Champagne. My hats off to the team at Treveri on this one. I can’t see anyone who likes Prosecco, Cava, California Sparkling Wines, Franciacorta, Vintage Champagne not liking the palate of this Blanc de Blancs. March is Washington State Wine Month. This is from Washington State made in the same Method of Champagne, France.. The Price of this bottle is …… $14.99. I gave it 94 Points. Please don’t speed on your way to the nearest ABC Fine Wine and Spirits Store to clean out the shelves of every bottle you can get your hands on. Did I mention $14.99?? You will never ask me again why I TOUT Wines Of Washington State!

Grape-fully yours, Larry


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  1. Reblogged this on BubblyBEE.net and commented:
    I totally agree with Larry the Wine Guy. Hats off to Treveri on creating delightful sparkling wines at such a reasonable price. Recently I reviewed Treveri Rosé on bubblybee.net… “A lovely weekend sparkling!  It’s fresh, it’s pink, it’s peachy, it’s fizzy, and it’s only $13.99.  A blend of Syrah and Chardonnay from the Yakima Valley in Washington State.”  http://www.trevericellars.com

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