“The Chateau Lafite Of Israel”


This evening Sept 9th 2018 at sundown begins the High Holy Day of Rosh Hashonnah or the Jewish New Year. I thought this would be a great time for ALL wine lovers to understand what certain Terminology on Wine Labels of Kosher Wine meant. I also want people to get out of the frame of mind that Only Jewish People drink Kosher Wines and that All Kosher Wines come from Israel. All this is untrue. Domaine Du Castel’s Grand Vin has been called by many wine reviewers the “Chateau Lafite of Israel” It’s pretty pricey. The Petit Castel is more affordable and almost like a second bottling for Castel. All wine drinkers should consider this wine, kosher or not as at $48.99 I consider as many do as one of the greatest wines of the world and certainly a better value than any Napa Red or Bordeaux and the quality is amazing as Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate scores almost every vintage of this wine in the 90 point range. Something doesn’t sound Kosher to you? It’s all legit. For those observing Rosh Hashonnah make this New Year a special one by seeking this wine out. For those Wine Lovers observing great wines of the World, make your wine collection special with a bottle of 2014, 2015, 2016 of Domaine Du Castel Petit Castel. It is one heck of a wine.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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