Wine For The Palate. Good For The Planet

From Etude To Oregon

Tony Soter has demonstrated a genius in crafting award winning wine over his four decades of innovative winegrowing; A dedication and reverence to the purity and intrinsic nature of the craft; a mastery is revealed in his artful ability to allow the character of the place to resonate in the wines; a reflection of both the land and the hand. He used to be in California at Etude and then made the move to Oregon and created the Mineral Springs Vineyard and Ranch.

Michelle Soter (Tony’s Wife) has over 20 years of advertising and marketing experience. However, it is abiding convictions in environmentalism, organics, biodynamics, nutrition and holistic living that are spearheading Mineral Springs Ranch, creating an environment of possibilities.

2017 Planet Oregon Pinot Noir Oregon

Planet Front

Planet Rear

Planet Oregon Wines are a responsible choice. They farm their grapes sustainably, protecting streams and rivers from run-off that can harm fish and other wildlife. They monitor carbon emissions, energy use, and waste production to ensure the only mark they leave on this Planet is a crushed grape stain!.

They Give Back To The Planet!

A portion of their profits from the sale of Planet Oregon wines are donated to the Oregon Environmental Council. Their work ensures Oregonians live healthier lives because their air, water and land are cleaner; their food is sustainably produced; and the products, energy and transportation they rely on are safer for our environment.

This of course is 100% Willamette Valley Pinot Noir Grapes. Traditional fermentation methods used in small open top vessels and then aged in 100% Neutral FRENCH OAK (I can’t stand American Oak) Simplistic, Sustainable, Oregon Pinot …Let’s Review

My Review

Planet Glass

Planet Glass Bottle

Had to get the Oregon Pinot Noir Glass out for this one. 2017’s I have tasted so far are producing very ripe grapes. I let aerate for about an hour. 13.4% ABV for a Medium Frame. Very pretty red garnet with purple hues in the glass and star bright. Very aromatic with notes of Twizzlers, Bing Cherry, Wild Strawberry and a back drop of baking spice. On the palate is is lip smacking juicy and lithe but the fruit is very upfront and ripe. Lots of intensity of the red fruits and very ripe cranberry notes with cinnamon spice on the back end with a medium length finish. This is a way too easy to drink Oregon Pinot Noir. I have not one negative about the wine except the score will be a solid 90+ Points out of 100 as it is not the world’s most complex layered wine but it is a very well made solid effort of what a $19 Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley should taste like.

My Summary

You take Tony Soter, Sustainable Farmed 100% Pinot Noir Grapes from Willamette Valley and 100% Neutral French Oak and you give a portion of the profits back to our planet!! That is a recipe for success. I love this project and at just under $20 this wine will be great for almost every palate and also good for our planet. !!

Grape-fully yours, Larry

Tony And Michelle Soter

Planet Tony Soter

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