Find Those Under $20 Wines That Drink Like $40!


Save your energy. Holiday gift shopping can be exhausting. Even for your own needs for wine it can be expensive and exhausting or you drink the same wines over and over again. It all comes down to TRUST!. Find someone at  a wine retailer that you trust or an internet website or sommelier like myself, and trust me, we have at least a dozen or more options that fly under the radar and instead of buying a single $100 bottle for a gift for your doctor and a $15 wine for your hairstylist find with the help of someone like myself an under $15 Bottle of hard to find wine that will drink like the a $40-$50 wine. Sounds impossible??? NO! It all comes down to TRUST. Pictured below is a great example. 2018 Domaine De La Baume Cabernet Sauvignon from the South Of France for $12.99 that fools everyone that samples it that they have had $75 bottles that don’t taste as good as this! That’s just ONE example. I can’t even find the wine on the internet except at where I work or in London, England!! People have been in and out  in 5 minutes shopping for ALL the wine lovers in their lives by purchasing 3-4 cases of this wine and now they are DONE with the laundry list of people to shop for and everyone gets a great wine and you SAVE MONEY. I bet if you ask your local retailer wherever you regularly purchase wines if they have wines that fit this model. You will be surprised how many they show you. Shop smarter, not harder!!

Grape-fully yours, Larry

This $13 Cabernet Is DA BAUME!!!


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