What’s The Right Wine Temperature?


I would say that the most frequent wine questions I get are “What temperature should I keep my white wines and red wines at”. “Should I drink White Wines cold and Red Wines Room Temperature” I hope this video clears both up for you. One Tip:…. Don’t ever buy a DUAL TEMPERATURE Wine Fridge or Eurocave.! No need for any of that. All the wine cellars I have visited in many countries don’t have a THERMOSTAT. That’s why they call it “Cellar Temperature” They can’t dictate which room to keep the older bottles of Red or White or Rose. It all is natural cellar temperature for ALL Wines. That’s all  you need at home too. One Temperature setting for ALL WINES for storage. Temperatures for drinking are all backwards in America. We drink our Red Wines too Warm and our White Wines too Cold!. Now you can store and drink your wines at their optimum temperatures!

Grape-fully yours, Larry


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