Chablis is NOT a Wine! It’s a Village!


I have gone over this subject a few hundred times but my daily interaction with wine consumers told me I needed to drive home this point, one more time. There are so many categories that consumers get confused about all due to lenient labeling laws on Jug Bottles and Box Wine in America. Port Wine..comes ONLY From Portugal, Marsala, ONLY From Sicily, Sherry from Jerez, Spain not California and always the big one, There is NO SUCH TYPE OF WINE CALLED BURGUNDY WINE. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT GRAPES ARE IN A WINE LABELED CHABLIS. Burgundy is a REGION in France. The wines from BURGUNDY, France can be White, Rose or Red. Chablis is not a wine made in a jug from Upstate New York. It is one of the most famous VILLAGES in BURGUNDY, FRANCE and the Grape used is 100% Chardonnay!! So many people write me or text me and ask me what is similar to a Jug Wine Chablis wine?? I have no idea because even those websites for those gallons of wine do not tell you what they put in it? So many people tell me they love Chablis but HATE Chardonnay !If they drank wine from the VILLAGE of Chablis in the Region of Burgundy they LOVE Chardonnay because that is what’s in it. Get this small factoid memorized and I promise you will know more than 95% of Wine Enthusiasts in the Country. I am happy to clarify this if it is still confusing you. Just reach out to me via this blog or text me to my cell if you are a follower you have my contact number.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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