A Black Tongue Made Me Captain Washington!

What is a Transition Wine?? It is that one wine or one grape varietal that changed your palate so much, that it transitioned you into a whole new world of wine. I get asked often, what made me Captain Washington. What was my transition wine that had me so enamored with the wines from Washington State, that I never drank California wine again? I have always said that for me, Syrah is the best grape that the state produces and can fool many wine experts into thinking it came from the Northern Rhone Of France. 15 years ago , I tasted a Syrah from Yakima Valley produced by a small winery in Woodinville called Steven’s Winery. It literally turns your Tongue Black on the first sip and it’s name is The Black Tongue Syrah. It was life changing for me and that is the day I became “Captain Washington”. What was your transition wine? If you don’t have one, keep being open minded to trying new wines, new grapes from all over the world each time you purchaseĀ  a bottle.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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