Iconic Vintages? Time To Stock Up!

I am just like the average wine consumer. I look for value especially for everyday drinking. This video is about Iconic Vintages. Ones that come to mind are, 1996 , 2002, Champagnes. 2000, 2001 Barolo and Barbaresco. 2010 Brunello di Montalcino. 2005 Bordeaux and Burgundy. 2012 Oregon Pinot Noir. Right now we have an Iconic Vintage with 2015 Right Bank Bordeauxs. Literally, every bottle from $9.99 and up to $25 that I have tasted from 2015 has only required 20 minutes of aeration and drinking so well right out of the gate. 2015 might be the best vintage in over 100 years. To me, Mr. Frugal, this is the time to stock up on wines within your budget and buy from every source you can find in your price budget 2015 Bordeauxs. I must have invested over $500 myself. At average cost per bottle of $15, this is a buying opportunity for the everyday consumer. Keep trying new wines every time you buy a bottle but I strongly suggest when an Iconic Vintage is released from some wine producing region in the world, that is the time to grab the u-haul, scour the internet and stock up on every wine from every producer from that vintage you can get your hands on. Vintages like this might only happen in wine regions once every few decades or longer. Don’t miss out.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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