Champagne Taste On A Cremant Budget!

I Love Veuve It’s Popular. It’s on every restaurant wine list. I CAN’T AFFORD IT…. but I can afford this VEUVE… Veuve Ambal one of the prestigious producers in Burgundy, France of Sparkling Wine made in the Method Traditionelle¬† is not a Champagne but a Cremant De Bourgogne. What The Heck Is A Cremant Cr√©mant […]

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Deconstructing BURGUNDY Wines!

Let’s start off with the very basics. If you can grasp these simple facts, you will be more wine educated than 90% of the Wine Consumers in America. Burgundy is to France as Broward County is to Florida and Kings County is to Brooklyn New York. Burgundy is not a Grape or a Wine it […]

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