Don’t Like Syrah? Try Another One!

Domaine Remiziéres

Remizieres Barrels

I deal with it everyday. “Where are your Cabs”? “I Hate Syrah” “Full Body Cabs” . I like Cabernet Sauvignon as much as the next Red Wine Lover. I refuse to believe that any Red Wine Lover truly doesn’t like Syrah. I say that with confidence not to be rude, cause every time a customer says they like ONLY full bodied Cabs I give them a sample of what I tell them is a Cab and they love it! It might be what they say is “The Darkest Cab With Bold Flavors That They Ever Had” ! Then i confess to them after they fall in love with what they thought was a Big Bold Cab and tell them it was a 100% Syrah from either Washington State or the Northern Rhone of France. They are shocked because for 40 years their brains told them they hate Syrah. I think the problem arises from either they had a California or Australian Syrah and those are Sugar And Fruit Bombs and that got them fearful of trying a REAL Syrah from Washington State or the Northern Rhone which is the exact opposite.

Above is the Barrel Room of Domaine Des Remiziéres in the northern rhone. I love Crozes Hermitage because those are 100% Syrah no Grenache.

Domaine des Remizières is a family winery since three generations.

A vineyard at the origin of approximately 4 hectares, a part of the production was delivered to the cooperative cellar.

From 1973, the vinification is completely made on the domaine from estate bottled fruit

Since this year, the domaine has greatly expanded since it currently is now 35 hectares or 75-80 Acres.

 At the beginning, Alphonse managed the estate. Then Philippe, his son, settled down in 1977 and he decided to market all the production in bottles. Increases and modernization were made then little by little. In 2005, Emilie, awarded in oenology, joined with her father. In 2009, Christophe, Emilie’s brother, joins the domain with  a certification in viticulture/oenology. It is a true family owned and operated winery.

2016 Domaine Des Remizieres

Cuvee Christophe Crozes-Hermitage.

Remizieres Front

Remezieres Rear

100% Syrah. Alcohol surprisingly low for this region of 13%. All hand harvested grapes from an average age of 70 year old vines. The soil is hillside with clay, limestone, and lots of rocks typical of the region. After fermentation they age the wine for 15 months in a combination of 70% NEW FRENCH Oak (I HATE NEW OAK) 30% used Oak. Let’s see if the high percentage of NEW OAK bothers me in my review?

My Review

Remezieres Glass Bottle

Remezieres Glass Side

I don’t look at other reviewers scores until after I review the wine and then I see if I disagree with them or not.I will tell you that Jeb Dunnuck (Rhone Specialist) Vinous Magazine and Wine Spectator all scored this vintage 92 Points. The Wine Advocate went 90 Points. More about that in a minute.

For me the wine shouldn’t be drank until 3 years which is perfect as we are in 2019. It still needs a minimum of a one hour decant. It could easily go another 10-15 years and be at peak performance. The wine has a dark almost black garnet color. Medium + on the body. The nose took at least 2 hours to open up where I could truly get the aromatics and flavors. On the nose, dark blackberry, violets, backed by tar, smoky bacon and black melted licorice. Yes the annoying New Oak for the first 2 hours was overpowering with an overdose of vanilla and Orville Redenbacher Popcorn…DARN YOU NEW OAK. Why 70%???? On the palate, a rich medium bodied frame with very concentrated blackberry and blueberry juice, licorice and white pepper spice with the juicy ripe fruit making an encore appearance on the back end on the finish which also leaves you with a hint of popcorn at the tail end. It’s a solid well made Syrah that I would drink again and would pair with grilled meats, duck confit, lamb rack or mature cheeses. I will deduct 2 points for the over use of New French Oak and agree with Wine Advocate and score the wine 90 Points not 92 like other publications. Wine Advocate agrees with me with their last sentence in their review and I quote “It’s creamy and lush across the medium to full bodied palate, with the NEW OAK playing too prominent a role and coming across as slightly popcorn-like on the long finish”. I think any reviewer or consumer should agree that the NEW OAK 70% prevented this wine from being a 94-95 instead of a 90 point wine.

My Summary

This is classic Crozes-Hermitage with big bold flavors and smoky bacon and tar and juicy black fruits. At $27.99 well worth the price to the quality. The 2015 was a better vintage in my opinion, but if you are a big bold red wine lover and think you ONLY like Big Cabs and hate Syrah…This is your Big Bold Red wine and not too much out there for $27.99 that gives you the quality as this Syrah does. Remember!! If you think you don’t like Syrah…Try Another one!! You’ll see I am right!!

Grape-fully yours, Larry

Remiziéres A True Family Affair

Remizieres Family Affair

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