Monasteries Make Great Wines!


South Tyrol better known to Italians as Alto Adige includes part of the Dolomites. Austrians in German call that area Süditrol. Italians say they feel like they are living in Italy but feel like they are Austrian. It used to be considered part of Austria right up in the Alps. Either way there is a working Monastery up in that area called Muri-Gries. They make wine. They make wine that I have been sharing for years with Italian Wine Importer Nadia Galati and Alberello Imports for years. Their Pinot Grigio is one of the few Italian expressions of this grape that I like and their Gewurztraminer I never had tasted until recently. Recently you ask? Yes Recently. Abc Fine Wine and Spirits and Italian Wine Buyer Paul Quaglini brought both of these Muri-Gries Wines in and as much as the Pinot Grigio is Flying off of our shelves at $18.99 the Gewurztraminer may be the best example of this variety I have ever tasted. I know there are people who only drink red or only drink white or only drink Rose but to me a Wine Lover drinks it all depending what mood we are in and or what we are eating. Give these both a try. Monasteries make great wines!!

Grape-fully yours, Larry


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