Tristen + Tatum = Trisaetum…Wine!

Oregon Wine Month Highlight Trisaetum

May is Oregon Wine Month and Mother’s Day. I speak all the time about how so much great wine is coming out of Oregon especially Pinots: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir Rose. All this didn’t happen 2 years ago.

It actually began fifty million years ago when the site of their Coast Range estate was on the floor of the Pacific near an extensive line of submarine volcanoes and fate chose that one such volcano would erupt in that very location, spewing lava through the ocean floor, scattering glassy basalt nodules across the seascape, and leaving a unique mixture of volcanic and sedimentary soil that just so happens to be perfect for grapes. Unfortunately for grapes, the soil was at the bottom of the ocean.

In a few years, fortune followed fate when this volcanic island chain collided with North America and created Oregon’s Coast Range mountains, leaving the site on the eastern side of mountains looking at what would one day become the Willamette Valley. (WILL AMMMM ETTE DAMN IT ) This activity left the site not only dry, but with the precise combination of soil, elevation, orientation, temperature, and micro-climate necessary to make something extraordinary from grapes.

Trisaetum Glass And Bottle

In 2003, Andrea and James Frey purchased this now steep and rocky piece of land, moved their young children to Oregon, planted a vineyard and founded Trisaetum (tris-say-tum) in one of the few places where climate, soil, and entrepreneurial spirit combine to produce some very special wines. Two years later in 2005, they found another piece of land twenty minutes away on Ribbon Ridge, cleared the site, planted a second vineyard and built the winery where Trisaetum’s wines are made today… The Name Trisaetum is combining the Names Of James and Andrea’s 2 children.. Tristen and Tatum to get …..Trisaetum!

2016 Trisaetum Pinot Noir, Oregon

Trisaetum Front

Trisaetum Rear

All Estate bottled fruit and James is the winemaker. This Pinot Noir is a combination of barrels from their three estate vineyards, representing the best AVAs of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. The 2016 vintage started very early, with bud break at the end of March, and progressed through a warm, dry growing season. Pinot Noir was picked starting on August 30th on the Ribbon Ridge Estate; and finally concluded on September 22nd when the last of their fruit from the Coast Range made its way to the winery. Given the warm, dry vintage, James opted to start all ferments with native indigenous yeast in 2016, as well as more whole-cluster ferments than previous vintages. The wines were aged in a mixture of new and neutral French oak barrels from the forests of Nevers, Allier, Limousin and Troncais. Yay, NO AMERICAN OAK…  

Appellation:Willamette Valley.  Soil:Volcanic & Marine Sedimentary Soils. Clonal Selection:Pommard, Wadensvil, Dijon 777, 667, 114… 777 Is my personal fave I might add….Let’s Taste And Review.

My Review

Using of course my Oregon Pinot Noir Glass …

Trisaetum Glass Up

Trisaetum Glass Side

What a stunning ruby star bright color with purple notes on the fringe. After one hour of decanting and in the special Oregon Pinot Noir Glass, this might be one of the single most aromatic, perfumed Pinots I have had the pleasure of Swirling and Sniffing. Intense Rose Petals mixed with Potpourri, Cinnamon Bark and Mulling spices and of course in the forefront, black and red cherries and framboise notes. On the palate perfectly ph balanced and a solid medium body frame with silky and very juicy Red and Bing Cherry, making my mid palate salivate due to the acidity levels and finishing with a floral hint, and soft feathery tannins and  just a  hint of liquid Dentyne or cinnamon spice. This will provide fantastic drinking pleasure for at least another decade. This is one of the most textbook Oregon Pinots I have tried and my first 2016 since I have been stuck on 2015’s. I will score this 94 points and this should be the barometer of ALL Oregon Pinots from 2016. Trisaetum sets the Bar. Nice work James!!

My Summary

If this doesn’t make you an Oregon Pinot Noir Convert from Russian River and Santa Barbara I don’t know if any Oregon Pinot will. It is $32.99 and worth every darn penny. Such a delight to smell, sip and savor. Perfect for Mother’s Day or even buy itself. Perfect for Wild Salmon, Tuna, or Swordfish Steaks and with a nice Cheeseboard NO BLUES this is a wine you must try especially if you are a Pinotphile Like me, when it comes to Oregon Pinots. What a way to Celebrate May and Oregon Wine Month. Andrea + James + Tristen + Tatum = Delicious.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

James and Andrea With The Kids!

Trisaetum Family

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