Tristen + Tatum = Trisaetum…Wine!

Oregon Wine Month Highlight Trisaetum May is Oregon Wine Month and Mother’s Day. I speak all the time about how so much great wine is coming out of Oregon especially Pinots: Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir Rose. All this didn’t happen 2 years ago. It actually began fifty million years ago when […]

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Too Much Of A Good Thing…..

It All Started With White Zinfandel Women yes Women, who weren’t really lovers of dry wines, fell in love with a pseudo grape called White Zinfandel. First of all it is as you know not White it is Pink or Rose color. Secondly, I am not even certain if there is any Zinfandel in it […]

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PINOT TRIO! Have It Your Way!

Ever since I was 21 I fantasized about being in a room with three Sexy Beauties! Last night, I did except the Beauties were all Pinot Noirs made in a different style and from a different Country! You really didn’t think this 53 year old, balding Sommelier had three beautiful WOMEN last night did you? […]

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