Too Much Of A Good Thing…..

It All Started With White Zinfandel

Ste Genevieve White Zinfandel

Women yes Women, who weren’t really lovers of dry wines, fell in love with a pseudo grape called White Zinfandel. First of all it is as you know not White it is Pink or Rose color. Secondly, I am not even certain if there is any Zinfandel in it or very little. It comes in 750 ML, 1.5. Liter, 3 Liter Jugs, Boxes and Cans. Average cost of a bottle is $4.50. Most and I say Most quality restaurants will not carry any on their list even by customer demand because it really isn’t a grape you can grow. They take some leftover red wine SKINS from other grapes and throw them in the Ferment Tanks to turn it Pink and then add Sugar. Restaurants do offer some sort of Rose but they are Dry or Semi-Dry and also sweet wines like Rieslings or Moscatos. Either way, they sure do sell a lot of White Zinfandel on the market especially to women in America. This led to other Sweet, Rose Knockoffs such as White Merlot, Pink Moscato, White Zinfandel Moscatos, White Zinfandel/White Merlot Blends. I guess to each their own.

They Didn’t Trust The Somms

They Trust The Real Housewives!

One of the most recommended category of wines by Sommeliers across the globe are Roses. They are food friendly and the perfect compromise wine between a group or couple that 50% Want White And 50% Want Red. The problem is for over 25 years, Sommeliers got a nasty reaction when offering anything ROSE to their guests for 2 reasons. The ones who are wine savvy and drink Rose mostly from Provence, France knew Roses were DRY, LIGHT, CRISP with Great Acidity and they were deathly afraid that it would be sugary like White Zinfandel and shudder at the thought of your recommendation. The White Zinfandel drinker also looked at us with concern, as they might have seen a Rose Wine on the menu before at another establishment and when tasting it, they would make a horrible face as it was too Dry. Still till this day when you recommend a Rose in any setting the infamous constantly asked 3 word question comes immediately from the guest: “Is It SWEET”? Sometimes, when someone hates White Zins and you offer a taste of a Rose Wine from anywhere they have panic attacks. They hold their noses and then breath a sigh of relief when they taste the wine and realize not all Pink Wine is Sweet. Still no one would trust an expert on a Rose recommendation and then “THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS”. I don’t watch the show but supposedly they all sat around drinking Rose Wine and one of the Wives created her own Rose Wine label( and hashtag that went viral #RoseAllDay) but a Dry Rose and the World Changed. 9 out of 10 Customers ask me about a Dry Rose. So at least that TV show was good for something?

Can’t Keep Any Rose In Stock!

Whether it is made by Saignee (Bleeding the First Free Run Pink Juice) or Short Maceration Time with Red Skins People Are Drinking DRY Rose Wine’s in droves


Chaateau Montaud

Italy (Calabria)

Ippolito Rose


Boedecker Rose

This Is Why You Can’t Have Nice Things

So finally in 2017/2018 the category in every wine producing country of DRY ROSES is growing among MEN AND WOMEN, Young And Old. Everyone wants Rose. Rick Ross the Boss even legally changed his name to Rick ROZAY and endorses Jean Luc Belaire a Sparkling ROZAY Wine from the South Of France. I am still a little upset for all Somms that wasted their voices for years preaching the gospel of DRY Rose but I will let the fact that it took the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills to get consumers of all genders drinking Dry Rose and shuddering at the thought they ever drank the blush stuff that was Sweet. Just like any other product that gains fast popularity, Too Much Of A Good Thing can lead to problems. Everyone wants a piece of the Rose Pie and here’s what we have now in May of 2018 and growing:

Vodka With Rose Wine

Vodka Rose

Gin With Rose Wine

Rose Gin

Sparkling Cognac With Rose Wine (Barf)

Sparkling Rose Cognac


Rose Gummy Bears

YES OH YES… GUMMY BEARS MADE OUT OF ROSE WINE!!!!!!! . I really can’t predict what will be next as this Rose Craze got out of control!!. I love all the other products on their own. I love Gin, Vodka, Cognac and Yes Gummy Bears but PLEASE DEAR GOD leave these precious products as they were without adding Rose Wine to them. I swear this will be my last Blog entry if I ever go to a fast food drive thru and the employee asks me : ” DO YOU WANT ROSE FRIES WITH THAT”?


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