“Captain Washington’s” Favorite Month



It’s March!! When the Evergrape State will be having festivities and Restaurants in the PNW will be featuring some deals all throughout the month on local wines from Washington as March is Taste Washington Wine Month. The problem that existed 20 years ago still exists today in Restaurants and Retailers and Wholesale Distribution…. NO ONE CARES except the people of Washington State. No one is celebrating March but the people of Washington State. The availability east of the Mississippi of one of the 960 wineries in the State is SLIM TO NONE. It takes a superhero like me #CaptainWashington to tout the greatest wines in the world IMHO and keep spreading the gospel to anyone who will listen. Stop by and see me at ABC Fine Wine and Spirits in North Miami Beach where we have an above average selection of Wines of Washington 10% Of all our Domestic wines if that much.. (Better than everyone else) or any one of our locations in Florida. We have some really good Sourced and Certified Exclusives that will change your life and save you a ton of money. Tell them Captain Washington Sent you!.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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