Somms…Can We Help You? If You Let Us!


I , like any other Sommelier or Restaurant Server get so excited when one of our customers says ” I am so happy you are here. I need your help” We love to be needed and for our expertise to be utilized, only to be disappointed that all the “Help” a customer really wanted was o point them to the same wine they have been buying for 40 years and never drank anything else or point them to the restrooms lol. A Restaurant Server, is not only there to serve you food and drinks and fill your water glass. They are there to SERVE an Experience. It’s a two way street however. In order to let us apply our passion and really help create a memorable experience, you have to be willing to let us help you. Some people won’t and that’s alright as well and we will just take you to the wine bottle you showed us a picture of on your phone and thank you for your patronage. We will shake it off and wait everyday for that next customer who asks for our help and potentially allows us to truly help them. I just did this myself today in a Sushi Restaurant. No Menu looking. I allowed the sushi chef to recommend and prepare what their favorites were. So glad I just didn’t order the usual. The experience was so much more memorable.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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