Great News! Wine’s Out Of Stock!!


Whether in Restaurants or Retail shops consumers of Wine look so disappointed when you tell them that their wine they have been buying for the last month is out of stock. Restaurant Servers I have trained how to offer wine may have had a list of 900 wines but only learned 2-3 in each category and they are paralyzed by their favorite wine to recommend being out of stock. To me as a Sommelier and Wine Educator, it is the greatest news in the world that wines are out of stock. A wine list or a retail inventory shouldn’t be ever the same month after month and year after year. It should always be constantly changing and evolving just like a food menu. Don’t become one of those food people who go to the same restaurant year after year and only order the very same dish over and over. Watch this video and maybe like me, wine being out of stock will be a good thing to you as  well.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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