Still Not Drinking Any Freaking Merlot?


It’s been years since the Sideways movie came out and yet the effects on wine lover’s buying habits still has consumers everyday telling me they HATE MERLOT. I have posted stuff like this before but after my trip to Bordeaux and drinking 100% Merlots that are such a totally inverse expression of the Grape Merlot that I can’t understand how any wine drinker can hate on one specific grape? Some Merlots taste more like Cabernet Sauvignon and some Pinot Noirs are bigger and bolder and more tannic than a Cabernet. It all depends on where the Merlot is coming from and in what terroir and what style. I keep telling you at any price range, buy wines by your STYLE OF WINE and not by Brand Name, Grape Varietal, Country! It’s the only way to expand your wine palate.

Grape-fully yours, Larry

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