People Hate An Entire Country’s Wines?

I hear this day in and day out from consumers. They hate all wines from 7-9 countries and they only believe one country is their palate and they have convinced themselves that is their personal taste and not that they are being closed minded. Literally, these people had one wine 10 years ago from one region of a country and even though that country may have 200 other grapes and flavor profiles from the many different wine regions within that country, they have now put these countries on their “Hate List” of wines to try. It’s amazing when I sample them on a wine from one of the “Hate List Countries” that meet their style of wines and NOT TELL them what they are drinking…the look of amazement on their faces when I reveal the very country they told me they hated was delicious!! It is impossible to hate an Entire Country of Wine with so much variation in the different regions of any wine producing country made with different grapes and different flavor profiles. All it takes for the consumers to expand their palates, is an open mind and Taste, Taste , Taste.

Grape-fullly yours, Larry

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