“Mass” Produced Wines…Buyer Beware


I am not saying that all mass produced or bulk wines, whichever terminology you prefer, are poor quality. This video was inspired by a really in depth article featured in Bon Apetit written by a Master Sommelier speaking about how a lot of wineries want to ride the wave of a popular wine trend such as Rose Wines that are on fire, and to rush them on the market and cash in over 75 legal compounds and ingredients can be added to achieve a color, flavor, texture of a wine and do not have to be listed on the label. Then (I can vouch for this as a former restaurant sommelier) the article mentions the truth behind the scenes, that these wine suppliers or Distributors will then offer “Pay For Play” to restaurants and retailers, such as little vacations, tickets to events, straight out under the table cash, to get placement on a restaurant by the glass list or a retailer/s shelves. I, just like the sommelier in the article never accepted these bribes or offers. The only  wines that made it on to my wine list were wines I approved of even if the supplier of that wine was my best friend. I couldn’t be bought or tempted. Who loses out in the long run? The consumers who then get addicted to the brand names of these manipulated mass produced bulk wines and drink a lot of inferior wines. Here is the link to the August 2018 Article…   https://www.bonappetit.com/story/rise-of-bad-rose . I speak about this in my video and this is just one of the many reasons consumers should trust their sommelier like me and listen to our recommendations so one of these mass produced, manipulated wines doesn’t wind up in your wine fridge or in your glass at a restaurant. Buyer Beware!!

Grape=fully yours, Larry

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